The revolutionary evolutionary theory that stunned the world! An explanation of how australopithecines used their pet cats for subsistence, defense and shelter; and how the loss of the use of cats caused the extinction of the australopithecines and forced the evolution of a new genus, Homo.


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  2. nebbie916 says:

    Here is my blogsite on wildcats (Felis silvestris).


    1) Felis silvestris silvestris (European Wildcat): a.k.a. the Forest Cat; includes the Scottish Wildcat (grampia), Caucasian Wildcat (caucasica), and Spanish Wildcat (tartessia); nominate subspecies
    2) Felis silvestris lybica (Near Eastern Wildcat): a.k.a. the African Wildcat, North African Wildcat, and Desert Cat; includes the Domestic Cat (catus) and Gordon’s Wildcat (gordoni)
    3) Felis silvestris cafra (Southern African Wildcat): a.k.a. the African Wildcat and Bush Cat; includes the Kalahari Wildcat (griselda)
    4) Felis silvestris ornata (Central Asian Wildcat): a.k.a. the Indian Steppe Cat, Asiatic Wildcat, Indian Desert Cat, Asian Steppe Wildcat, and Asian Desert Cat
    5) Felis silvestris bieti (Chinese Mountain Cat): a.k.a. the Chinese Desert Cat and Chinese Steppe Cat

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