The critics speak

The critics speak out on the Pliocene Pussy Cat Theory (PPCT)!


“…the only theory I’ve heard that explains how australopithecines (or later hominids) survived on the savanna is the PPCT…”
Paul Crowley

…this is not a solid fact…”

“It’s brilliant. All is explained. A triumph of teleology.”
Steve Denham

“Unsupportted by any evidence and plain silly…”
Dwight E. Howell

“Very well done.”

“…an exaggeratedly polemical aspect…”
J. et M. Morenon

“Rivals aquatic ape theory in evidence…and make more sense.”
Timothy Chew

“…I am afraid it is seriously flawed.”
Robert Dewar

“It seems quite Plausible!”
Carroll Hill

“This is wonderfull.”
Wayne Borean

“…I’m sorry I didn’t write you before to tell you how brilliant I thought your theory was.”
Paula Sanch

“…fuckin’ brilliant.”
Lawrence Watt-Evans

“…startlingly innovative take on the domestcation of cats.”
Ivan Blair

“You have too much time on your hands.”

“Thanks for making my day!”
Dixie Jordan

“Thank you for your developed focus in these matters…Screw those pompous pedants who won’t admit it to be true.”

“I found your PPCT theories enlightening, entertaining and felt that they held a ring of truth!”

“Great Theory! I really enjoyed reading it!

“PPCT is much more thoughtful than AAT.”
Tab Rasmussen

“It makes as much or more sense as some of the theories I have to present to my students.”
Catherine Newsome

“You put forth a fascinating thesis.”

“Mr. Love has cracked on something that is so true; and discovering our roots in animals will ultimately save our future as a race of mammals on this planet.”
Austin Mantay

“Yes, your theory merits just as much credence as the Water-Ape theory. Just as much; no more.”

“…he has now achieved international fame with his PPCT…”
Paul Crowley

i just read your website abou the pliocats… i thought it was marvellous… not to mention humerous…it made very pleasant reading.. thankyou.. not to mention i reckon.. it all sound plausible…lol

“…i have always enjoyed your Pussy Cat theory.”

“You need to get a better photographer. Charles Manson doesn’t look that bad.”
Thomas V. Schmidt

“Keep up the good work!”

“I found your Pliocene Cat so enjoyable that I have a link to it on my Website.”
Lorence Rhoades

“Very interesting…. I do have one question, though. Do you mean this to be taken seriously?”
Bruce Somerville

“this is a joke right?”
D. Schruth

“You may count me when you count your endorsers.”
Mary Nelson

“convinced me.”
wesley b willis

“Your wonderful paper on PPCT is well thought out, eminently reasonable and explains away many myths and bad reasoning associated with the development of Homo. You are an inspiration to right reasoning.”
David Kirkpatrick

“All my best in your pursuit of the Pliocene Pussy Cat Theory! I think it merits further thought. My bachelor’s degree is in biology, so I would offer my services to your interesting hypothesis, but I am a little overextended at the moment as staff servant to two cats.”
Sherry Ramsey

“Why are there no cat bones next to apith bones you ask, well any self respecting cat would never hang around the house to do something ‘nasty’ like die. They carefully walked off into the sunset and met their place amoungst the spirits of dead kitties that went before them, nor leaving a trace that they had ever been there.”
Philip Deitiker

“As good a theory as any! I like it!”

“Who are you? Just some wacko or an educated funster?”
Margaret Stehle

“Pliocene Pussy Cat Theory is a great theory. I will be pondering it for a while.”

“I stumbled upon your feline-sapien interface model and found it quite intruiging.”
H.R. Puffinhabilis

“Ape theories come and go here, I think only the PPCT is meritorious in some regard as it will be remembered with favor.”
Philip Deitiker

“I am APPALLED! On your website you give instructions for an “expirement” dealing with “throwing a cat at someone”. That is animal abuse! And by putting that on your page you are only encouraging it! And as I cat lover, natually this makes me angry! How would you like to be thrown at someone????”

“I love it, the Pliocene Pussy Cat Theory Works for me. I buy every bit of it.”

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